let me tell you who we aren't!

We AREN'T a big operation

We AREN'T an importer 

We AREN'T fancy, or corporate, or savvy online Entrepeneur's.

We AREN'T drop shippers, YouTube celebrities or all that  important.


A small NZ Family owned business

Meet Tracy & Phill... Our Story

We are a FAMILY

(Husband & wife, 2 Teens & 2 dogs)

Beginning our journey together a little over 20 years ago.

Falling in love getting married and heading on an adventure to see where life would take us

 Tracy Loving her work in Early childhood & teaching, Phill working in engineering / electrical fields.

Life a blank canvas ahead.

The road (like most) filled with opportunity and challenges ahead......

 Filled with ups and downs, travels, family, high and lows, struggles and successes, 2 kids.... school, work, bills, bumps and bruises, sleepless nights, great memories made, lessons learnt (Often the hard way) & all that life brings with it.

All we have learnt & experienced 

Bringing us to where we are now.

Having owned and run our own service business in the coffee industry for over a decade, then buying our first small laser to making custom machine panels.

The Carpenter & co was born.

Little did we know where it would lead. Eventually both of us committing full time to working in The Carpenter & co, closing our service business to focus on this new adventure.

We put in many long hours over a number of years to develop our products and have not looked back.

We are ALL in...

this is our life, and how we feed our family.

We get to do life with our family, while creating custom keepsakes and products to help our clients celebrate theirs.

as part of our work Phill is now also helping other with their lasers, be it repairing machines or helping with training. 

Life is hard sometimes and messy but we love what we do and getting to create is the icing on the cake.

We don't pretend to be the best or the biggest, but we invest ourselves in the process. We value the people we meet along the way and focus on doing all we can to help you create that special gift or item that is unique to you.

Spoiler alert

Sometimes we mess up, get it wrong even.

But when we do we make sure to put it right.

Just like any NZ Family owned business should.

Our Products

Being a NZ family owned business

Our Products a lovingly made with care and attention. 

We offer everything from custom solid wood items, through to lasercut materials and printed items.

Our core point of difference is we do custom, personalised items with personalised service.

If you can't find exactly what you need on our site

(Customisation available on all our items)

Touch base and we can happily create something uniquely for you.


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